Everyone is welcome to bring a bottle of their favourite tipple – we appreciate these are social events.

However, for the safety, comfort and enjoyment of everyone onboard, our events should not be considered booze cruises. If consumed, we ask that alcohol consumption is sensible and in moderation.

Without liability we reserve the right to refuse boarding or to terminate the event if the skipper deems alcohol consumption to place in jeopardy the safety of our guests, crew and yachts.

Due to the limited number of tickets we have for each event we do charge Cancellation Fees.

All cancellations must be notified to us in writing by email or post using the contact details provided on our website.

If you cancel more than four weeks prior to the event you will incur a Cancellation Fee equal to 20% of the order value of the e-Tickets being cancelled. The balance of 80% will be refunded in full.

If you cancel within four weeks of the event, no monies will be refunded until the event has taken place. During the period between receipt of your cancellation and the event date we will re-market your tickets for sale. If we are successful, the remaining balance of 80% will be refunded on a pro-rate basis. For example, if you purchased 4 tickets and we manage to resell two, you would receive back half of the remaining balance. If we resell all four tickets, you will receive back all of the 80% balance. If we are unable to resell any of your tickets we will be unable to issue any refund.

We want to be as fair as possible to our customers and we will do our best to resell your tickets – to mitigate both losses – yours and ours.

Only events held on Helen Mary R – where we need to have at least 6 guests per event to make it commercially viable.

If we do not have the minimum required we will regretfully have to cancel the event, at which time you will be offered the next alternative date.

Please note we cannot accept any liability if an Event is cancelled due to commercial viability.

Our e-Tickets are emailed to you as soon as payment has been received. If you haven’t received your e-Ticket in your email In-Box then it will be sitting in your Spam or Junk folder!

Please check your Spam or Junk email folder and Mark all future emails from Plymouth Yacht Charter as “Not Spam” – this should ensure all future emails, correspondence and purchases will arrive straight into your In-Box.

For your safety – and to protect our yachts – please, NO High Heels!

If you can, try and avoid hard-soled shoes as decks are hard surfaces and can be slippery. We recommend soft-soled shoes, trainers or pumps – comfortable footwear with a little grip is sensible.

Our Etiquette for Motor Yachts is that we don’t wear shoes inside the Saloon area – we have lovely carpets to keep your toes warm!

Please check your e-Ticket for the Start Time of your Event and arrive in plenty of time.

River Cruises typically last for 2.5 hours, from getting onboard to docking back at the marina and departing the boat.

Coastal Cruises are scheduled to start at 10 am and finish at approximately 4.30 pm.

Special Events will be timed accordingly and clearly stated in the product details and on your e-Ticket.

All timings are subject to change depending upon weather, navigation and prevailing conditions on the day.

We will notify you in advance of any changes.

Every event starts with a Safety Briefing and boat familiarisation and Lifejackets will be provided, as well as assistance in fitting them correctly – please see below for our Lifejacket Policy.

Each yacht also has additional safety equipment, including Liferaft, Flares and Medical Kit.

Our yachts have toilets (heads) and hot & cold running water for your comfort and hygiene. Each yacht also has an internal Saloon, where guests may sit, relax and socialise.

Clothing should be appropriate to your event – and please, no high heels onboard!

Lifejacket Policy – modern jackets are lightweight, comfortable and of paramount importance to your safety. Our policy is that Lifejackets will be worn at all times when in the outside areas of the yacht.

We recommend you consult your GP before attending any event if you could reasonably conclude that your current state of health may impact the safety, comfort and enjoyment of the event for yourself or other guests.

For the safety and comfort of all guests, Smoking is not permitted inside any yacht at any time.

However, at the skipper’s discretion, smoking may be permitted in the outside areas of each yacht. Appropriate ashtrays will be provided and we request these are used in order to minimise any harm to the aquatic environment.

At all times our smoking policy is at the discretion of the skipper and subject to the prevailing conditions on the day.

Don’t forget to bring a copy of your e-Ticket! (email or printed copy).

We hope to have fine weather for the event so bring plenty of sun cream, a hat, and long sleeves to cover up if it gets really hot! It can also get chilly on the water, even in the Summer, so it would also be sensible to also bring something warm to wrap up in – just in case. We have plenty of space onboard, so you are welcome to bring a small beach or kit bag. We recommend you consult a Weather Forecast on the day and plan accordingly.

Please bring a copy of your e-Ticket with you to your event.

Your e-Ticket will confirm the Start Time & Location of your Event – please arrive in plenty of time.

Queen Anne’s Battery Marina, Plymouth PL4 0LP. Telephone 01752 671142. Access Gate for Red “A” & Yellow “B” Pontoons. The Access Gate is opposite the Marina Office building and Royal Western Yacht Club. Please see below for Directions and a Marina Map.

Fowey – meet at Albert Quay, Fowey PL23 1AJ.

We will be there to welcome you, check your e-Ticket(s) and direct you to your boat. Once onboard we will stow any bags, fit your Life Jackets, have our Safety Briefing – and be underway!

Directions to Queen Anne’s Battery Marina

Marina Map – Queen Anne’s Battery

Directions to Albert Quay, Fowey PL23 1AJ

Fowey – Town Map

For the benefit of everyone attending our Events – Please Arrive in Plenty of Time!

A complimentary glass of Prosecco onboard all yachts to celebrate our event and buffet lunch aboard Helen Mary R on our Coastal Cruises & Adventure Sailing days.

We are also happy to provide complimentary tea, coffee and water to keep you refreshed during your event.

Queen Anne’s Battery Marina

We have never had a problem parking at the marina but in busy periods and fine weather you may have to hunt for a space! The first 2 hours are free of charge, the next 2 hours are £4 and a full day is £8. To confirm parking charges call Queen Anne’s Battery Marina on 01752 671142.

Directions to Queen Anne’s Battery Marina

Marina Map – Queen Anne’s Battery


Parking is limited in the heart of the old part of the town and you are advised to make use of one of the car parks around the town.

Directions to Albert Quay, Fowey PL23 1AJ

Fowey – Town Map

For the benefit of everyone attending our Events – Please Arrive in Plenty of Time!

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