Each Souvenir Video is Per Event, regardless of the number of people in your party.

If you purchase two different events and want a video souvenir for each event – then you will need to purchase two souvenir videos – one for each event.

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We aim to produce your Souvenir Video within 14 days of your event. Once collated, edited and produced, we will send you a download link so you can access your video and also share it with family and friends.

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We use a mixture of our GoPro and iPhone cameras to capture the best highlights of the day! Using our cameras and other equipment we will also encourage you and your guests to shoot footage of your particular group so that you feature heavily in your video.

We then use sophisticated editing software to collate video footage and camera stills of your group, and combine that with the scenery and wildlife of the day – and edit it all down to produce your Souvenir Video.

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Your Souvenir Video will be in MP4 format – universally playable by most devices and software – so you should be able to share your video with all of your Family & Friends.

The duration is typically 10 minutes, and will be a combination of video footage, recorded sound, applied music and photographic stills. Our objective is to make a Souvenir Video that you’ll treasure long after your event – and one that you’ll enjoy sharing with family and friends.

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Our Download Links are emailed to you as soon as your Souvenir Video is ready. If you haven’t received your Download Link in your email In-Box then it will be sitting in your Spam or Junk folder!

Please check your Spam or Junk email folder and Mark all future emails from Plymouth Yacht Charter as “Not Spam” – this should ensure all Download Links will arrive straight into your In-Box.

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We will let all guests know on the day that you have purchased a Souvenir Video and confirm that they are happy to appear in your video.

Our filming will concentrate on you and your guests, and other guests would generally only appear in the background.

We will, of course, respect the wishes of any guest NOT wanting to be filmed, and do our best to ensure that even if they are filmed during the event they will not appear in the finished Souvenir Video.

Category: Souvenirs

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